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MUST READ! Flakka is sometimes mixed with cocaine.

Flakka - WebMD

Flakka - Drug that makes people bark and strip...

Flakka - Detailed Info on Flakka.

BBC: Blast - Encourages 13-19 year olds throughout the UK to get into filmmaking.

Bubbletoonia -- Free Online Shockwave Flash Games.

Flash Kit Arcade - Online Flash Shockwave Java games.

Game Revolution - Reviews, downloads, features and chatterzone. - Your PC and Video Game Connection!

IMDb - Internet Movie Database.

KidActors - Your Official Young Actor Information Source.

Listen Up: Youth Media Network - A youth media network for young filmmakers...

NOVA - Web sites for more than 450 PBS television programs and specials... - Technology Online.

The Celebrity Cafe - in-depth, thoughful interviews...

Spy Hop - A highly effective not-for-profit youth media center...

TV Guide - Movies.

AIDS Information For Teenagers - HIV the AIDS virus, becoming infected, safe and safer sex, and using condoms.

BBCi's - Online portal for teenager.

California DMV - Driver License And Identification (ID) Card Information.

California Drivers Education - A home study correspondence course satisfies the California DMV driver education requirements...

Brushing and Hygiene - You will notice that it is much harder to keep your teeth clean with braces.

Caring for Braces - A good example of how to care for your braces.

CDC en Espaol - Cigarrillo/Tabaco.

GHB - The Stone Cold Truth - Information about GHB. What you don't know about drugs can kill you.

Office on Smoking and Health - National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

The American Lung Association - Smoking-related diseases claim an estimated 430,700 American lives each year.

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids - Working to expose Big Tobacco's lies...

The Center for Substance Abuse Prevention - Responsible for improving accessibility and quality of substance abuse prevention services...

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Is recognized as the lead federal agency for protecting the health and safety of people...

The National Cancer Institute - Free Help to Quit Smoking

The Partnership For A Drug-Free America - Drug prevention and substance abuse resource and guide...

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - Foundation making grants to improve health and healthcare.

Melrose Alliance Against Violence - Providing information and resources for victims of teen dating violence and abusive relationships..

Miss Teen USA.

MSN Music: Home - A huge collection of CDs and albums including song lists.

MTV - Source for music and MTV information online.

Multnomah County Library - For students.

My Future -Career Tools, Information, and Opportunities.

National Network of Youth Ministries - Encouragement, spiritual growth, and sharing resources...

PBS - American High

PBS Frontline: The Lost Children of Rockdale County - Frontline explores the turbulent psychology of America's suburban teenagers...

Planned Parenthood - Advocates for the use of birth control.

Ramsey County Library - Includes a library catalog, teen turf, and community resources...

Rape Prevention - Arizona Rape Prevention and Education Project...

RCAA - Staffed by trained outreach workers, peer educators and volunteers who routinely visit youth frequented locations in Eureka, Arcata, Hoopa Indian Reservation, Garberville and area towns.

Reality Check - Marijuana abuse prevention publications, news, research, and resources.

Reports of the Surgeon General, U.S. Public Health Service

NIDA for Teens - The science behind drug abuse.

Seventeen - Teen Hairstyles, Fun Quizzes, Games, and Teen Fashion.

Sex, etc. - A Website by Teens for Teens. Network for Family Life Education.

SF Bay Kids - Resources, activities and fun for children and teens throughout the San Francisco Bay. - Teen Pregnancy Quiz.

Struggling Teens - Resources about boarding schools & special purpose schools... - Online community for young people to discuss news and issues....

FDA/CFSAN - For Kids and Educators.

Foster Club - The club for foster kids.

Juggling Information Service - This site contains instructions and juggling information.

MADD Online: Under 21 - Underage drinking is more than a rite of passage. It's an invitation to clouded judgment... - Videos, Entertainment, Fashion, Music, and Celebrity News for Teens.

Teen Bedrooms - Design a teen bedroom...

Teen Growth - The teen resource for advice, health information, social interaction, and fun.

Teen Health - MedlinePlus. - Resource for any and all questions regarding your health, your relationships, your body and your sexuality.

TeensHealth -  Offers a safe, private place to get information about health, growth, and emotions.

Teen Immigrants: Five American Stories - Companion to the PBS special...

Teen Ink - A magazine, website and book series written by teens for teens.

Teen Read - It Came from the Library! Teen Read Week™

Teen Sexuality - Today's teens are coming of age in a culture of confusion. - Promotes adolescent literacy... - Contests, question of the month and a look at what other teens are reading.

Teen's@Random - Finally a place to call your own, full of books that you'll want to read.

Teen Vogue - Teen Fashion.

Youth Speaks - Brings young people together...

Youth Specialties - Trains and equips Christian youth workers to minister more effectively.

YouthPastor.Com - Resources for youth pastors include...

Youthwork Links and Ideas - Rresources for individuals and organizations working with youths.

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