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Patent and Trademark Office Kids' Page

Popular Science - What's New and What's Next in Science...

Portals to the Past - Designed to help teachers introduce the study of past cultures into their curriculum.

Project Exploration - Using the wonders of science to inspire kids.

San Francisco earthquake of 1906

Science Buddies - Weather & Atmosphere Project Ideas.

Science Education at Jefferson Lab

Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies

Science Made Simple - Science projects & experiments...

Science @ NASA - Scientific Inquiry, Space Science, Astronomy, Living in Space, Earth Science, biological & Physical Sciences...

Science Bob - Enter the world of Science Bob to try home experiments...

ScienceDaily Magazine - Your link to the latest research news.

Science Made Simple - Children's science experiments, simple science projects...

Science Toys - National Geographic.

Science: Web Sites and Resources for Teachers - Resources from the Internet for teachers to use in their classrooms.

Scientific - Today's science news and technology news.

Seasons - Spring Science World - Eric Weisstein's World of Science.

Secrets of the Ocean Realm - All you ever wanted to know about the creatures in the sea.

Solar Balloons - How to make a solar balloon.

Soap Bubbles: Exploratorium - What is so fascinating about bubbles?

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