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Fractions - Practice, equivalent, reducing, improper & mixed numbers, multiply & divide, add and subtract fractions. (flash 5)

A Kid's Heart - Play and Learn Math Site resources for kids and their teachers.

Helping With Math - Printable Math Worksheets, tables & charts.

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles.

Kids Math Games Online - Math games, interactive activities, practice exercises...

Maths Dictionary for Kids by Jenny Eather - An animated, interactive maths dictionary (flash 5)

Maths - Sciences en flash. (flash 5)

The Number System - Beginning computer students, Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal, Definitions and Conversions. (flash 5)

Lesson Plans

BBC Schools Online - A service for children, parents and teachers...

Biographies Of Women Mathematicians - An on-going project at Agnes Scott College, in Atlanta, Georgia...

Classroom Materials: Arithmetic - Swarthmore College's Math Forum.

Microsoft® Education - Lesson plans and student activities for K-12 educators.

Fun Mathematics Lessons by Cynthia Lanius - Mathematics lessons...

Math, Science and Technology Education - Java Activities.

Paso Partners - Integrating Mathematics, Science and Language.

Practical Money Skills for Life - A national program to improve the nation's financial skills.

The Math Forum - Internet Mathematics Library.

What are Fractals? - They're everywhere, those bright, weird, beautiful shapes called fractals.

MATH - This is the place for kids, parents, student teachers, and teachers. - Free flashcards for math students everywhere.

American Mathematical Society - Mathematics Research and Scholarship. : Flashcard

Archimedes - This site is a collection of Archimedean miscellanea...

Ask Dr. Math - Ask Dr. Math a question using the Dr. Math Web...! - Developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.

Bamdad's Math Comics - A collection of some math related comics and cartoons.

BBC Schools Online - A service for children, parents and teachers at home and at school.

Bifurcations, Equilibria, and Phase Lines - Modern Topics in Differential Equations Courses....

Biographies Of Women Mathematicians - An on-going project by students in mathematics classes at Agnes Scott College, in Atlanta, Georgia....

Chance Database, The - A literacy course introducing probability and statistics...

Differential Equations Java Generators - College of Sciences, Washington State University.

Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

Fact Monster - Math. (alt + F4 closes popup windows)

Fun With Math - Author: Cynthia Lanius.

Famous Problems in the History of Mathematics - History of mathematics presented through famous problems...

Figure This! - Math Challenges for Families. - Provides free math help to students.... Math Baseball - Improve your math skills.

Fun With Math - Author: Cynthia Lanius.

Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes

History of Mathematics - Mathematics in China.

History of Mathematics - The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive.

Images of Mathematicians on Postage Stamps

Integrator - Mathematica's integrator to let you find the indefinite integral of a function.

Interactive Mathematics - A growing number of topics from Algebra and Arithmetic...

Interactive Mathematics - Learn maths while you play with it!

Internet Differential Equation Activities - College of Sciences, Washington State University.

Largest Known Primes, The - The Internet source for information on record primes!

Lemonade Larry (Math) - How much does the lemonade cost? Check out your math skills.

Math Association of America

Math Archives, The - The home page of the Mathematics Archives.

Math Builder - Free Worksheets and Puzzles from Algebra to Statistics.

Math Baseball - Multiplication or Addition.

Math Counts - A coaching and competition program for middle school students.

Math Fact Cafe - Provides math fact sheets and flash cards...

Math Forum - Providing resources, materials, activities, person-to-person interactions...

Math Ideas for Science Fair Projects - Individual project ideas and collections of suggestions...

Math Word Problems - Goal to help children improve their math problem solving and critical-thinking skills.

Mathematical Postage Stamps - J.Kuzmanovich Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Wake Forest University.

Mathematical Quotation Server

Math Tables - Quick theorems, tables, identities, proofs and graphs...

Mathematicians of the African Diaspora.

Mathematics Problem Solving - All new weekly worksheets, provided free...

Model-building and simulation - Maths online Gallery.

Mudd Math Fun Facts - A resource for enriching your courses with mathematical Fun Facts! - Activities, games, worksheets to help teach the multiplication facts.

Newton's Method - Solve equations using Newton's Method. - Homework help in artithmetic...

Perspective Drawing - The Geometry of Perspective Drawing on the Computer.

Perspective Drawing - This project is created as part of the M2T2 project with MSTE.

State Board of Education - Math: California's Mathematics Academic Standards


The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program - Global change research program supported by the U.S.

The Prime Page - Prime number research, records and resources...

Wolfram Web Resources

World Timezone System - Greenwich time, daylight saving time, world time zones, standard time, universal time.


Becoming Familiar with the SI - Metric System.

Bicycling - Physical Measurement Laboratory.

Cooking Resources - Metric differences explained.

Education Resources on the Metric System

Everyday Estimation - The Metric System (SI)

Household Weights and Measures

Metric in Sports

Metric Publications

Metric Units of Measurement - Prefixes

NIST Summer Institute - for Middle Schoo Science Teachers.

Think Metric - Posters, tools and games with image associations.

Writing with Metric Unit

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