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Smart Phone Safety

Check this out! Smart Phone Safety for Children -

Safety Net Kids - Top 10 tips for mobile phone safety.

Safety for Cell Phones - Cell Phone Safety Tips for Everyone.

Blocking Software

Cyber Patrol - Cyber Patrol is Internet filtering software...

Filtered Search Engines

AnimalSearch - A family-safe search engine for animal related web sites.

Google Filtered Search Engines

KidzSearch. The #1 Kids' Safe Search Engine

Kids' Top Learning Sites

Search Videos

Search Picture

Play Fun Learning and Skill Games

KidzSearch Educational Videos

KidzSearch Facts

Boolify Search Teaching Tool

Guides and Rules to Safe Surfing

A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety - Federal Bureau of Investigation. English or Spanish.

Children's Partnership Online - The latest statistics and data of where things stand today with children, families and the Internet.

Children’s Online Privacy - A Resource Guide for Parents. FTA

Disney's Internet Safety - Help Mickey and the gang with their adventures in Internet safety!

FBI - Kids Safety.

FCC Parents' Information Site - Includes information on filtering software...

GetNetWise - A collaborative effort from Internet industry....

Kid Safety on the Internet - The POLICE NOTEBOOK.

Kidsmart - kids safety on the internet.

ILC Glossary of Internet Terms - by Matisse Enzer. - The web site of the Internet Safety Group.

OnGuard Online - Internet safety & civility for kids & parents

The Police Notebook - Law Enforcement Internet site to promote safety and crime prevention information.

Webonauts Internet Academy - PBS.

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