Geography of the World
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Cambodia - Britannica.

Cameroon - Country Profile

Canada - Government of Canada Primary Internet Site (Canada Site).

Cape Verde - Republic of Cape Verde.

Cayman Islands - Island Profile..

Central African Republic - Afrol Central African Republic - Links to Central African Republic.

Chad - Library of Congress:Federal Research Division...

Chile - Information and links for Chile. Spanish or English version.

China - A window to China.

Christmas Island Park - This island was annexed by the UK in 1888...

Clipperton Island - Middle America, atoll in the North Pacific Ocean...

Cocos (Keeling) Islands - Island Profile.

Colombia - Colombia CIA - World Factbook.

Comoros - BBC

Congo, Democratic Republic of the - From Infoplease.

Cook Islands - A NET of 15 islands in the South Pacific...

Coral Sea Islands - Oceania, islands in the Coral Sea, northeast of Australia.

Fiji -Fiji became independent in 1970, after nearly a century as a British colony.

Finland - Country Profile.

France - Directory of France's resources.

French Guiana - BBC news.

Gabon - Country Profile.

Gaza Strip - Gaza Strip information.

Georgia - Georgia was absorbed into the Russian Empire in the 19th century.

Germany - Germany Online, German Embassy and German Information Center.

Gibraltar - The Official Gibraltar Web Site.


Greenland - Greenland culture and history.

Grenada - Country Profile.

Guadeloupe - Antilles Info Tourisme Guadeloupe-French-English-German.

Guatemala - Guide to Guatemala.

Guernsey - Country Profile.

Guinea - Country Profile.

Guinea-Bissau - Country Profile.

Guyana - Guyana News and Information is the Internet's primary source for news...

Haiti - The Caribbean's most mountainous country.

Heard Island and McDonald Islands - Country Profile.

Honduras - Honduras Central America.

Hong Kong - Hong Kong Tourist Association. (requires flash)

India - Southern Asia,...

Indonesian - The world's largest archipelago, Indonesia achieved independence from the Netherlands in 1949.

Iraq - World Factbook.

Iraqwho - Contains a few hundred pages of history covering 7000 years of civilization...

Ireland - Creative Ireland is an Irish Government initiative ...

Isle of Man - Set in the Irish sea between the United Kingdom and Ireland lies an island.

Israel - Britannica.

Italy - CIA - The World Factbook

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