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4/22/17 KidsOLR updated broken links.

01/31/18 KidsOLR now has new metas. I installed three drop down menus one for the Main Subjects, one for KidsWWW, and one for Science Subjects.

12/24/17 I completed the last of the updates KidsOLR is fully functional on Computer and Phones. I use a Moto E4 5" Android and I have viewed KidsOLR with a 3" Tracfone. So into the future we go. I won't take the flash programs down they don't run on the Android phones but I know children in school still view them. I have one file that has coloring pages that won't work on a phone so I am thinking about what I will do with that page.

12/17/17 I began to rebuild KidsOLR as a more functional site for mobile and computers.

Today is 11/28/17 I have been very busy placing new drop down menus on all of the pages plus new science menus and kidswww menus in their areas. I have opened the columns of information to make them easier to click on with a phone.

Today is 11/13/17 I purchased my first smart phone it has a 5" screen and hey KidsOLR is viewable and usable with a Moto E4. I do have a wifi connection so it is fast.

I put a new safe search form on the top of the pages. It is a Web surfer so if you want to just search KidsOLR you have to put in Kidsolr and the subject you want to see. A search could be Kidsolr math or Kidsolr Africa or Kidsolr to reach content on KidsOLR.

Iam doing a content audit now to make sure the links go to the correct content. There are over 4500 links on KidsOLR so I will be busy for a while.

Today is 11/07/17 I purchased aa Secure Certificate and it will be in place within 4 hours to 4 days. We have never asked for personal information, we have never asked for credit card information, and we have never tracked where you come from. We chose to make you feel safer to use our site.

Today is 11/06/17 I completed the rebuild of KidsOLR. Some pages have been reformated and all of the content was saved. Our new SITE MAP is here showing all of the pages in KidsOLR.

Today is 11/04/2017 I am re-building KidsOLR you may experience some 404 errors in the next few days as I redirect the navigation bars to the new pages. We recently moved to GoDaddy Web Hosting. KidsOlr is being updated and KidScience Link is being discontinued as a website but it can be found it the Science section of KidsOlr. Some of our links wll be different some pages have been changed. Click on our navagation bar below to go to where the new pages are. I am working to get everthing re-connected. Thank you for your patience.

We recently moved to GoDaddy customer service was excellent they made the move smooth! check

This is how to use KidsOLR and how to reach me BJWebb.
My email address is this addy graphic you will need to type it into your email.

KidsOLR is a 'human-reviewed' Directory of Educational Resources for everyone.

Because of KidsOLR size heavy use of graphics would slow the site down to a crawl so I keep graphics to a minimum and textual keywords to a maximum. I always use what each site, I list, says about themselves. Every site is chosen by BJWebb and every site is tested by BJWebb before it is listed. Sometimes site content changes if you see something is wrong with a site I have listed email me and I will change it.

LinkAlarm has been my only employee in the last 12 years. They send me a report, every two weeks, on KidsOLR's links which need attention to keep the links un-broken.

Navigation for KidsOLR's is now our drop down navigation on the letf side of each page.

In Kids of the World, you will find the sub-navigation, you see below, or you can click through all of the pages using the hands.

Subjects with more than one page have helping hands. Return to previous pageGo to the next page. The helping hands can help you click back or to the next every page in a subject. This navigation was chosen for my non-computer using husband it was the easiest for him to use.

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