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CheckParents - The Anti-Drug!! Spanish | Chinese | Filipino | Korean | Vietnamese.
Check Bubbletoonia -- Free Online Shockwave Flash Games. Home of 1-on-1 VolleyBall, Techno Justice, the athletic girl models and other creative game ideas.
Check Flash Kit Arcade - Online Flash Shockwave Java games, game index, free gaming, high scores, links, cheats, downloads, ladders.
Check NOVA Online - Has dozens of sites to choose from. In case you're not sure where to start, we've selected some of the best sites we've created over the years.
Check PBS - The home of comprehensive companion Web sites for more than 450 PBS television programs and specials...
Check it out! Safety for Kids
Check This Out! Scarecrow Press - Young adult literature.
Check The Celebrity Cafe - in-depth, thoughful interviews with your favorite celebrities, musicians, authors, actors, athletes, writers and more...
  • BBC: Blast - Encourages 13-19 year olds throughout the UK to get into filmmaking.
  • IMDb - Internet Movie Database.
  • KidActors - Your Official Young Actor Information Source.
  • Listen Up: Youth Media Network - Listen Up! is a youth media network for young filmmakers and their allies.
  • Spy Hop - A highly effective not-for-profit youth media center specializing in educational solutions through the multimedia arts.
  • Student Filmmakers - Student Filmmakers, Student Films, Cinematography Workshops, Student Film Contests, Student Film Festivals.
  • TV Guide - Movies.
  • AIDS Information For Teenagers - HIV the AIDS virus, becoming infected, safe and safer sex, and using condoms.


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