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Science: Paleontology
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pa·le·on·tol·o·gy (pl-n-tl-j)

1. The study of the forms of life existing in prehistoric or geologic times, as represented by the fossils of plants, animals, and other organisms.

  • Arizona's Petrified forest - Take a step back in time to 245 million years ago.
  • BBC - Science and Nature - Prehistoric Life.
  • Becoming Human - Paleoanthropology, Evolution and Human Origins.
  • Beringian Atlas - Paleoenvironmental Atlas.
  • Birds and Dinosaurs - By Dr Paul Willis.
  • Calcite Palace - This web site is about a unique group of microscopically-sized fossil algae known as calcareous nannofossils or coccoliths.
  • Charlotte, the Vermont Whale - In 1849 workers unearthed the bones of a mysterious animal near the town of Charlotte.
  • Dann's Dinosaur Reconstructions - Anatomical restorations of Australian dinosaurs, pterosaurs and marine reptiles with accompanying information. Also info on Australian fossil and footprint sites
  • Dawn of Animal Life - While most people know of the dinosaurs from a mere 70 million years ago, very few are aware that the Earth's fossil record stretches over 3 billion years into the past.
  • Dino Directory - Natural Museum of History.
  • Dinobase - A dinosaur database with dinosaur names, dinosaur pictures, a dinosaur classification and more.
  • Dinobird - Until recently, the origin of birds was one of evolution's great mysteries
  • Dinobuzz! - Current topics.
  • DinoQuest Sahara - Strange dinosaur fossils: 600-toothed giant plant-eaters, flying reptiles, massive crocodiles, and more.
  • Dinorama - National Geographic. Their footsteps echo like thunder across our imaginations, millions of years after the last dinosaurs walked the Earth. Peer into the past for glimpses of ancient creatures that still grip us.
  • Dinosaurs - Facts.
  • Dinosaur Eggs @ national geographic - Join us now for an online egg hunt and catch the excitement of fossil researchers as they “hatch” fossilized dinosaur eggs to reveal the embryos inside.
  • Dinosaur Floor - Learn why dinosaurs are history.
  • Dinosaur Hall at the Smithsonian - See full sized dinosaurs.
  • Dinosaur Illustrations - An index of Dinosaur Illustrations on the world wide web, with links to the original image and image providers home page.
  • Dinosaur State Park - Five hundred dinosaur tracks are enclosed within the Exhibit Center's geodesic dome.
  • Dinosaur Time Line - Dinosaur collection of dinosaur illustrations by Josef Moravec.
  • Dinosaur Trackways and Trace Fossils - News from Holyoke, MA.
  • Dinosaur! National Monument - Dinosaur National Monument protects a large deposit of fossil bones of creatures that lived nearly 150 million years ago.
  • Dinosauria On-Line - Is intended to give the reader a broader exposure to dinosaur science.
  • Dinosaurs of Ancient Queensland - Dinosaurs were animals, closely related to crocodiles and birds, that lived in the Mesozoic era between 220 and 65 million years ago.
  • Dinosaurs of the Gobi - The birdlike, beaked Oviraptor returns to the nest to feed its young, in a painting based on paleontological finds in the desert in Mongolia.
  • Diplodocus - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  • DMNS: Follow a Fossil - The most complete T. rex ever found.
  • Download-a-Dinosaur - Easy to make designs for a dozen paper dinosaurs...
  • Fighting Dinosaurs - Discoveries from Mongolia features more than 30 of the best preserved and scientifically important dinosaur and other ancient animal fossils.

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