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Language Arts Pg5: Learn A Language
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Ukrainian dictionary - Helping you to translate from Ukrainian to English and from English to Ukrainian, enriching your Ukrainian vocabulary.
Web German: Deutsch im Netz and Foreign Languages Online.
Google - Search the Internet in your language.
Google - Language Tools.
WorldLingo - Translation, Localization, Globalization - French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Portuguese. Latin translation - Free translation.

Learn A Language
  • American Indians - Index of Native American Language Resources on the Internet.
  • Anacleta's Spanish and World Language Links - This site is a comprehensive source of materials, activities, and ideas about the Spanish language and its many cultures, as well as other world language and cultures, especially for children under ten and their parents and FLES and bilingual teachers.
  • Arabic Alphabet, The - Help and Explanation.
  • BBC, The - Languages site offers online multimedia learning resources in Spanish, German, French and Italian. With Real Audio, Real Video, Shockwave and more.
  • Bilingual Links for Kids and Teachers - enlaces para maestros y alumnos bilinges.
  • Charm Central - Puzzles, games, and bilingual journals (in French and English), not to mention midi music, poetry, funny horoscopes, and, like, real deep thoughts about life and stuff.
  • Chinese - A lively introduction to Mandarin Chinese in 10 short parts.
  • Chinese - Learning Chinese Online This page helps you to learn Chinese.
  • Chinese - On-line Chinese Tools. Providing tools to assist people in learning and using the beautiful Chinese language.
  • English - To Learn English offers a wide variety of information and resources for both teachers and students.
  • Foreign Languages for Travelers - Chose a Language you want to learn. From Travlang.
  • * - Foreign Language Vocabulary, Pictorial Vocabulary Guide,* Grammar, * Readings
  • French Experiment, The - Free French lessons, French children's stories, Learn French online...
  • French - Listen and Speak some French.
  • French Dictionary -Look up words in a simple French English Dictionary containing about 75,000 terms.
  • French - English Translation Games.
  • * Learn French Online - Including French Children's stories.
  • Gaelic - Learn Irish Gaelic online.
  • Gaeilge ar an Ghréasán - Learn and Improve your Irish.
  • German - Deutsch Plus Online - A series of multimedia activities for beginners based on clips from the 20-part TV series.
  • German - English Translation Games.
  • German - Thirty Lessons for Teaching yourself German Grammar.

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