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Language Arts Pg4: Stories Online
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Stories Continued
  • Kids Writing Pages - This is the place where you get to read other kids stories and poems and even get a chance to publish your own
  • - Booker T. Worm is the cyber authority for great books, fun facts, and good times.
  • Koobar the Koala and Water - Australian Aboriginal Animals Myths & Legends.
  • Lil' Fingers Storybooks - Animated Storybooks for toddlers. Animated stories contain large text and big buttons for little fingers!
  • Little Critter Stories, Jokes, Puzzles and Games for Kids. "Hi! I'm Little Critter. I live in Critterville. Come in, read my favorite jokes, learn all about me.
  • Magic Shadow Shapes A fantasy journey for children of all ages. Poetry, songs, games, dragons and dinosaurs, fairies, and elves.
  • - Join Mr Storytime as he tells fun and educational stories, animated and narrated in Macromedia Flash.
  • Myths, Folktales and Fairy Tales - From
  • My Wonderland - Children Stories By Norma Jean Stevens. (Scroll bars on the right side are the same color as the pages.)
  • Native American Bedtime Stories - Being Indian is mainly in your heart. It's a way of walking with the earth instead of upon it.
  • Once Round the Sun - Once Round the Sun by Elsa-Brita Titchenell. Online version of the children's book, illustrated by Justin C. Gruelle.
  • PageWorks Home- (PageWorks is for Kids of All Ages.) This area is for your really little ones to enjoy while sitting on your lap.)
  • Paul Bunyon - Imagine, if you can, the excitement that was caused by the birth of Paul Bunyan!
  • Penfield Gallery of Native American Arts - Zuni Fetishes, Pueblo Pottery and Storytellers, Navajo Rugs, Sandpainting and Folk Art, Native American Jewelry and Baskets, Hispanic Santos, and Mini-Kachinas at the Penfield Gallery of Indian Arts.
  • Red Boots for Christmas - In the small town of Friedensdorf most of the homes and shops are brightly decorated.
  • Schools - BBC Learning resource for home & school.
  • Short Stories for Kids - Read short stories to your kids on any PC, laptop, tablet, iPad or smart phone.
  • Small Stories for Little People - Famous celebrities from the worlds of entertainment, science and urban design choose their favourite stories for your pleasure...
  • Stories for Children - The stories have music and many nice graphics for illustration.
  • Stories From The Web - If you like books and stories then come on in. You can read stories, e-mail authors, write reviews and even write your own stories.
  • Storybook Online Network - A storytelling community.
  • Storytellers - Native American Authors Online.
  • - Welcome to, where you'll find a good number of (I hope) entertaining short stories, writing activities, and reading lists for children and students, ages 3 through 15.
  • Tales from the Little Woods - As Told By The Wee One.
  • Tate's Advent Calendar - Story and illustrations by Penelope Schenk French Translation by Jean-Francois MARCHET Italian Translation by Elisabetta Pace Dutch Translation by Lize 't Hart-van der Grient.
  • The Adventurous Bunny and Easter Island - A shipwrecked bunny is taken to Easter Island, and with the help of island creatures...
  • The Funhouse Books - This is the place where you get to read other kids stories and poems and even get a chance to publish your own.
  • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology - Achaia to Zeus.
  • The Moonlit Road - Ghost stories and strange folktales of the American South, told by the region's most celebrated storytellers.
  • The Symphony of Friendship An illustrated story about how two enemies become friends through music. In English Japanese,e German, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French Korean, Russian or Italian.
  • The Timbuktoad Storyworld - Explore The Lost Diaries, Time of Legends and more for original reading adventure. Read The Road Through Timbuktoad!
  • The Yellow Fairy book - Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912 .
  • Tippity Witchet's Beantime Stories - On warm, sunny afternoons, you're likely to find many of the island's children knocking on the door of Tippity Witchet's windmill house.
  • Wacky Web Tales - Learn to write a tale and submit a tale.
  • Wizard of Oz Encyclopedia - A treasure trove of information on the Wizard of Oz . Includes a full who, what, and where encyclopedia on the original 14 books in the series by L. Frank Baum.
  • Wondervista - A place where stories are told and, maybe more importantly, a place where children read. That is, quiet simply, our number one goal ... to get children reading.

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