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LA Dept of Ed. Louisiana Dept. of Education
Between the LionsBetween the Lions - The PBS TV show all about reading.

Check Harry Potter Lexicon,The - The most compete and amazing reference to the wonderful world of Harry Potter!
Check English-Chinese Dictionary - These pages hope to provide tools to assist people in learning and using the beautiful Chinese language.
Check Roald Dahl (1916–1990), one of the world's most beloved children's authors. He created such memorable characters as Willy Wonka, Danny the Champion of the World and The BFG...
Check The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Check This Out! A Vocabulary of The Anglo-Manx Dialect

Language Arts

Language Arts cont.
  • - Books for kids.
  • Homophones - List of Homophones.
  • Luminarium - A comprehensive anthology and guide to English literature of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
  • Merriam-Webster's Word Central - Offers kids a student dictionary, Daily Buzzword, and interactive word games.
  • The Online Mystery Network. Mystery entertainment and information for everyone who likes mystery and mysteries.
  • Nellie Edge - Nellie Edge Inc produces seminars and resources to promote early literacy for all children.
  • Newspaper & Current Periodical Reading Room - Library of Congress.
  • OWL Online Writing Lab from Purdue - MLA format, APA format, resume, business letters, searching the Internet, evaluating sources, grammar exercises, powerpoint tutorials and more.
  • Phoebe Stone - An award-winning artist and author of picture books and a new novel that delight children and adults with their vibrant pastel illustrations and poetic writing.
  • Picture Book - A new free to view web site containing 17 complete picture books by a professional illustrator and samples of artwork for all ages. by Dandi Palmer.
  • J.R.R. Tolkien in Oxford - A site about his life in this city!
  • Read Children's eBooks Online - New York Public Library.
  • S.C.O.R.E. Language Arts - A comprehensive site linked to the State Frameworks with information on Reading Elementary anguage Arts, Phonics, CyberGuides (Web-based Literature), virtual museums and links.
  • Scottish Gaelic - Supporters website including Gaelic names, Gaelic resources a Gaelic learners forum and many other sources of information on the language.
  • Scottish Gaelic Alphabet - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  • StoryLine Online - Stories read by Ernest Borgnine, Betty White, James Earl Jones Robert Guillaume and more. Presented by Screen Actors Guild Foundation
  • The EServer - Publishes over 30,000 works in the arts and humanities free of charge to readers online.
  • The Gaelic Tree Alphabet - Each of the 18 letters in Gaelic’s alphabet was traditionally associated with a tree name.
  • The Main Idea -Harcourt School
  • The Reading Lesson - A multimedia phonics based program that will teach your child to read in 20 easy lessons.
  • Welcome to Berlitz! - Self-study language instruction for adults and children, in the language of your choice. Deutsch, Nederlands, Franais, English, Espaol, Norsk, Dansk, Suomi, Polski, Italiano, Svenska, Nihongo, Ivrit.
  • Word Central - Merriam-Webster's Word Central offers kids a student dictionary, Daily Buzzword, and interactive word games.
  • Writing Argumentative Essays - The RSCC - Online Writing Lab.
  • Writing Den - Improve your English reading, writing and listening skills with this interactive site. Fresh topics and great online activities!

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