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Check In the footsteps of Joseph Rock - Eastern Tibet. The Archives.



The English

  • James Cook - British Navigator and Explorer 1728 - 1779.
  • James Cook - Born in the Yorkshire village of Marton on October 27, 1728.
  • James Cook - The Navigator.
  • James Lancaster - The Voyage to Asia by James Lancaster, 1600.
  • John Cabot - He was the first European since the Vikings to explore the mainland of North America and the first to search for the Northwest Passage.
  • John Cabot - Not very much is known for certain about John Cabot - or Giovanni Caboto...
  • Henry Hudson (c.1550-1611) - The life and times of Henry Hudson, explorer and adventurer.
  • Henry Hudson - An Englishman, possibly the grandson of a London alderman who helped found a trading organization, the Muscovy Company.
  • Hudson River Maritime Museum - Henry Hudson and the Half Moon.
  • Ralph Fitch - The First Englishmen in Bombay.
  • Sir Francis Drake - Pirates & Privateers.
  • Sir Martin Frobisher - One of the first English explorers to sail the northeast North American coast.

The First Explorers ?

  • Hoei-Shin - In AD 499, a Buddhist missionary, Hoei-Shin, came back from a long voyage and told of a strange people in a strange land...
  • China - Between 1405 and 1433, Emperor Chu Ti's Treasure Fleet of the Dragon Throne ruled the entire South Pacific and the Indian Ocean...
  • Did the Chinese Discover America? - Why couldn't a person from China have been the real discoverer of the America's?

The Conquistadors

  • Agustin Rodrguez - Explorer and leader of the Rodrguez-Snchez expedition,qv was engaged in missionary work along the Ro Conchos in northern Mexico.
  • Alonso lvarez de Pineda - Commanded a Spanish expedition that sailed along the Gulf of Mexico coastline from Florida to Cabo Rojo, Mexico, in 1519.
  • Andrs Dorantes de Carranza - Early Spanish explorer, a native of the southwestern Castilian town of Gibralen, was the son of Pablo Dorantes.
  • Antonio de Espejo - Born in Torre Milano, a suburb of Crdova, Spain. He went to Mexico in 1571 with Archbishop Moya y Contreras as an officer of the Inquisition and there became a cattleman.
  • Antonio Gutirrez de Humana - Second in command of the illegal expedition of Francisco Leyva de Bonillaqv in 1594.
  • Bartolomeu Dias - A famous Portuguese navigator of the fifteenth century, discoverer of the Cape of Good Hope; died at sea, 29 May, 1500.
  • Bartolomeu Dias - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  • Bartolomeu Dias - (en Algarve 1450-au large du cap de Bonne-Espérance 1500) Navigateur portugais.
  • Diego Prez de Luxan - Entered the recorded annals of Texas and New Mexico history through a narrow window of time, but his observations during the years 1582-83 are nonetheless very important.
  • Dorantes de Carranza - Letters on the Texas Explorers.
  • Estevanico - From being a slave to being a explorer.
  • Florida History - - Spanish Conquest of Native America. Spaniards explored America in the 1540's on trails that became our highways. Spaniards explored America in the 1540's on trails that became our highways.
  • Francisco de Garay - The Handbook of Texas.
  • Francisco Leyva de Bonilla - A Portuguese captain in the service of Spain, was dispatched in 1594 by Governor Diego de Velasco of Nueva Vizcaya to pursue beyond the frontiers of that state a rebellious band of Indians that had committed acts of theft.
  • Francisco Sanchez - A captain in the Spanish army, born about 1512, was called Chamuscado because of his flaming red beard.
  • Francisco Sanchez and Agustn Rodrguez - The advance of the northern frontier of the viceroyalty of New Spain in the sixteenth century led to the founding in 1567 of Santa Brbara.
  • Francisco Vasquez de Coronado - Seeking the fabled Seven Golden Cities of Cibola, his expedition of 1,400 men and 1,500 animals found only poor Indian villages...
  • Juan de Onate - was born circa 1550 in the frontier settlement of Zacatecas, Mexico, the son of Cristóbal de Oñate and Catalina de Salazar.
  • Luis de Carvajal y de la Cueva (ca. 1540-1590). Governor, adventurer, slave trader, and the first Spanish subject to enter Texas.
  • Luis de Moscoso - Luis de Moscoso Alvarado, who assumed command of Hernando De Soto's expedition upon the latter's death, was born in Badajoz, Spain, in 1505.
  • Marcos de Niza - A controversial Franciscan explorer, may have led the first European expedition to explore purposefully what is today the American Southwest.
  • Os Descobrimentos Portugueses - Navegadores.
  • Pnfilo de Narvez - Tall, robust and fair with a great red beard and a voice that sounded very deep and hoarse as if it came from a vault.1 Narvez was born in Spain around 1475. Around the age of 23 he left for the New World.
  • Publius Historicus - Le XVIe siècle est pour l'Europe celui de la Renaissance et des Grandes Découvertes, de l'Humanisme et des débuts de la Science moderne. Also in English.
  • Spanish Missions - In Georgia.
  • Timicuan - In the early sixteenth century native people who spoke the Timucua language occupied most of the northern one-third of peninsular Florida (east of the Aucilla River).
  • Tristn de Luna - Member of a Castilian family of the Borobia estates in the villas of Cicia and Borobia in Spain.
  • Jusepe Gutirrez (Jusephe, Jos, Joseph) - A native of Culhuacan, a short distance north of Mexico City, was a Mexican Indian servant.
  • Vasco Nuez de Balboa - Balboa sailed to Hispaniola in 1501 on an expedition under Rodrigo de Bastidas and Juan de la Cosa.
  • Vicente de Zaldvar - The younger, Spanish explorer and soldier, was probably born in Zacatecas, a mining town on the frontier of northern Mexico, about 1573.

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