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Geography of the World
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GeoHive - Population Statistics.
MapStats for Kids - teaching concepts about maps and statistics.
Utah History For Kids. Utah History Encyclopedia - A statistical database which allows you to research and compare a multitude of different data on US states.

  • Africa - A site with extensive travel information on Africa, with photos.
  • Africa News - Afrol News
  • Asia - Comprehensive travel information on Asian destinations.
  • Bermuda Triangle, The - What is the Bermuda Triangle?
  • Caribbean, The & The Bahamas
  • CIA World Factbook - The Official Central Intelligence Agency Web site for The World Factbook.
  • Country Studies: Area Handbook Series - A continuing series of books prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress under the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program sponsored by the Department of the Army.
  • Europe - A comprehensive, on-line travel guide to a growing variety of European countries.
  • GeoBee Challenge Online - Each day we'll post five new questions from the National Geographic Bee.
  • - Learn about earth energy, earth structure, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the biosphere, climates, and BGC cycles (biogeochemical).
  • Geographia Homepage - In-depth destination guides to over 75 countries, on-line tourist offices, travel stories, and more.
  • Geography IQ - An online world atlas packed with geographic, economic, political, historical and cultural information.
  • Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names - Getty Thesaurus of Geographic NamesT (TGN), is a structured vocabulary of geographic names for indexing art and architecture.
  • How Far Is It? - This service uses data from the US Census and a supplementary list of cities around the world to find the latitude and longitude of two places, and then calculates the distance between them (as the crow flies).
  • Kids at - Games, contests, articles, and activities.
  • Latin America - This site features in-depth travel information on Latin America; everything from ancient history to where to stay.
  • Royal Observatory and Planetarium: A glance at its history and work by E. Walter Maunder F.R.A.S.
  • Quia! Geography World - Geography World - Plate Tectonics / Continental Drift.
  • Types of Land - Explore the different land forms that comprise the United States.
  • U.S. Census
  • World Monuments Map Puzzle - Learn world geography with a map that teaches. Free educational map puzzle. Cultural Monuments of the world.
  • Xpeditions @ - Contains activities, an outline map atlas with more than 1,800 maps, and a 3-D virtual museum of geography.
  • Zoom School - An on-line elementary school classroom with lessons in geography, biology, language arts, and early childhood activities.

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