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New MoviesMovies - New Movie Releases - Latest Movie Times.

  • MTV - Source for music and MTV information online, offering a range of music content from hourly updated music news to reviews and in-depth music features...
  • National Geographic Beyond the Movie - Go behind The Lord of the Rings and explore the history, myth, and cultural forces that inspired Tolkien's book. Photos, time lines, maps, more.
  • NBCi:NBCTV:FrontDoor - Official site.
  • New Line Cinema - Official site.
  • Nickelodeon - - web site for kids. Features your favorite Nickelodeon cartoons and shows online like The Rugrats and Slimetime, plus cool games, trivia, music videos, Nickelodeon characters, and more.
  • Paramount Studios - Official site.
  • Pixar Animation Studios - Official site.
  • Reasons for Movie Ratings (CARA)
  • TLC The Learning Channel - Reality TV. Real Life. Real People. Home of TLC shows like Trauma Life in the ER, Paramedics, and Extreme Machines. Explore real life, human history, science, the paranormal.
  • The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship Of The Ring Official Movie Site : Trailer, Pictures, Wallpaper, Pic, Film, Preview, Screensaver, Desktop Theme, Art, Toys, Download, News.
  • Touchstone Pictures - Presented by Disney Enterprises, Inc.
  • Trinity Broadcasting - Official site.
  • Turner Broadcast Systems - The Superstation features popular movies, high profile original programming, outstanding sports and favorite comedies.
  • Turner Classic Movies - Official site..
  • TV Land, Nick at Nite and - Your favorite Nick at Nite TV shows like The Brady Bunch, I Love Lucy, along with retro TV commercials, theme songs, online games, show schedules and more.
  • UPN -
  • United Artists -
  • United International Pictures - Official site.
  • Universal Pictures Official site.
  • Universal Studios - Official site.
  • Viacom - Official site.
  • WB - Official site.
  • Walt Disney Pictures - Find out all about the latest movies from Walt Disney Pictures, get sneak peaks at upcoming films, and download graphics to link your site to the official film sites.
  • Warner Brothers - Find your favorite entertainment news, movies, TV listings, movie trailers, movie clips, showtimes, box office, animated cartoons, music and enter for a contest. Harry Potter Preview.

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